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The pleasant peninsula skillet.

The Michigan Misfit is one with minor defects such as grind marks or small pits. But, they work just as well as our regular stately skillets! Enjoy the look and taste of Michigan in all of it’s high-fiving glory! Any of your favorite regional dishes will now have a new level of hand-made glory when served in this beautifully functional, pre-seasoned Michigan cast iron skillet. Double high-fives to that! Skillets come in golden color and will blacken over time.

Skillet ships inside a box which includes a QR code with recipes & cast iron care instructions. Enjoy!

Approximate Volume: 3 cups

Interior Skillet Size: 9” x 6” x 1.5” (length x height x depth)

Handle length: 5 inches

Skillet Weight: 5 lbs

Minor defects with Misfit skillets.

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