"Art of the State Cookware"

100% Made in the U.S.A.

Make a Statement

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Have some fun with your food!

Made in Wisconsin by the hands of craftsmen, Our pre-seasoned state shaped skillets are ready to leave a lasting impression at dinner parties, tailgating & as a unique gift idea.

The dial is kept in blue, the bevelled edge carries the countdown scale for the seconds. Fields set off in white provide structure, both the deer skin and the flat leaf have a sunburst finish. The printing of the most important key data – 17 jewels for the number of rubies in the movement and 120 meters / 400 feet for the water resistance – is set in the same printing type as the classic Memosail watches. That is a nice detail – but the hands also show that no savings have been made here. They are polished to a shine on the sides, an insert in blue makes the hour and minute hands match the color of the dial. Luminous material was also used, and the outer edge of the dial has luminous dots to match. For them, however, the will counted more than the effect. You have to look very carefully at the size in order to perceive the luminosity of the points. The hand for the stop second is orange, in color to match the last third of the countdown disc. In general, however, the workmanship and attention to detail is at a very high level – respect for this contemporary, rolex replica day date 118139 with blue dial but still modern cladding of the historic clockwork.

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Unique & Personal

Nothing says “I am home” more than a meal made from scratch & shared with friends and family. Serve your culinary craft with a unique visual twist and hit all the heart strings with your state shaped love & pride.

Hand Crafted

Devil’s in the details, they say. Employing craftsman with an eye for detail, our skillets are touched by many hands across their making, ensuring a smooth finish & that our deeply seasoned layers are up to snuff, meeting our high artisan quality standards.

Small Batch & Big Hearts

Handmade processes are about as picky as it gets, and we never cut corners! Each skillet is lovingly cast with a special process to create an ultra-smooth interior cast texture. Pre-seasoned in small batches with multiple coats of organic USDA certified oils provides a naturally non-stick finish ready to cook on, right out of the box.
I sent a Texas skillet to my son & his family, he is in the military & a Texas native. They love it! It reminds him every day of his heritage.
Steven Slate

All I can say is, my Michigan skillet causes a lot of interest every time I use it. Everybody loves it!
Paula Tripp

Thank you so much for making such a nice cast iron Texas skillet. It will get a lifetime of use.
Keith Caudle

Got my Oklahoma skillet for Mother’s Day and couldn’t be happier! I’ve found it fits an 8×8 recipe, and I’ve made cornbread and blackberry cobbler so far. The craftsmanship and quality of the cast iron is superb, even better than my Lodge. Both recipes came out evenly baked and perfectly crisp, even in the panhandle. Highly recommend this product. So worth the price and an heirloom for years to come!
Charrie S


A few years ago my nephew Ben and his new wife had just moved to Atlanta. It was challenging– starting new jobs, making new friends, caring for an aging dog. I wanted to remind them of home and family. I sent them the Wisconsin Pan and hanger—and they loved it! It hung in their Atlanta kitchen and is well-loved and used often. It reminded them of what is most important in life—family and enjoying time together.


As a memory for our family and where we have been, where each of our 8 children were born and where our family landed when coming to America 5 generations ago. On birthdays we cook their chosen meal in the skillet representing where they were born. Awesome memories that will last a lifetime. We love our American skillets!
Lori P.