Well, it’s about that time of year where the family transitions back into the school year and we start searching for new, creative recipes to throw into the dinner routine after a long working day.

With Fall just around the corner, everyone is hankering for comfort foods, and in the Midwest, (or all of America?) this means casserole, baby!  Introducing this tasty Tater Tot Casserole, a real winner for both adults and children alike. Everyone needs a little tater tot in their diet now and then, right?

Marla Wisconsin_edited_HEART

This classic Tater Tot Casserole is an inexpensive meal that nearly every kid will surely eat, if not absolutely fall in love with upon first trial. Not only that, it takes just under thirty minutes to prepare, bake and devour with the rest of your family. We’re not saying our recipe is better than Grandma’s tried and true casseroles, but we will say that for the simplicity of the steps in this recipe and it’s quick prep time, this meal is fit to be a staple this school season, for sure!

We hope this adds a little simplicity and ease to your busy nights ahead when all you need is a quick but tasty dinner to feed your hungry family. Choose something hearty but delicious and give this Tater Tot Casserole dish a whirl!

Find the recipe here: https://americanskilletcompany.com/recipes/yummy-tater-tot-casserole/