“Skilletheads” Interview

Let’s talk shop! 

Author Ashley L. Jones is a writer preparing to launch her next book titled Skilletheads, focusing on the collecting and restoring of cast iron cookware, which will be an exciting follow up project to her first book “Modern Cast Iron”. For her research, she is tasking herself with the ambitious job of interviewing all of the modern day cookware manufacturer’s about their stories, processes, designs & unique value propositions that make their cast iron cookware different or similar to the other choices out there today.

In my chat with Ashley, I had the distinct pleasure of geeking out over the manufacturing processes, design choices and seasoning oils we choose to use on our skillets.  I feel like we covered all the bases, including the unique democracy behind new product selection here at the company.

It was an honor to be asked to contribute, and on her list of “craft cookware company’s” making cast iron skillets here in the states these days.  Below is the link to our interview, found on both her YouTube channel and the Big Sister Knows website.

Skillethead Interview with American Skillet Company