What you’ll need:

Jumbo marshmallows
Dark chocolate chips
Grahm crackers
1 Tbsp of butter
Cast iron skillet

Put it all together:

FIRST Turn the oven to medium broil with the rack in the middle position.

THEN Place your skillet on a burner over low heat and throw a lump of butter in to melt and cover the bottom and sides.

AFTER THAT Once the butter is melted, toss in a *healthy layer* of chocolate chips to completely cover the entire bottom of the skillet, and place one layer of the marshmallows over them. Some people like to cut the marshmallows in half, but this is not necessary.

NEXT Turn off your burner and stick the skillet into the oven for 2 minutes, until the marshmellows are molten and lightly browned.

FINISH Remove from the heat and immediately serve. Use your grahm crackers as single-dip spoons, and shovel a heap of the gooey chocolate and marshmallow perfection into your mouth. Enjoy!