American Skillet Co. winding down …

After 10 incredible years in business, I’ve decided to turn down the gas on ASC and direct my passions to some new and exciting creative projects within my artisan business FeLion Studios; the brand that essentially started it all for American Skillet Co.

Who would have thought that such humble beginnings cutting wooden patterns of states by hand could have led to launching a nationwide company, appearing on the Martha Stewart Show, meeting David Muir, filming a segment on the Chew, and finding ourselves in dozens of other nationwide publications and TV appearances? I sure didn’t!

I’m so grateful for all of the awesome experiences, lessons, relationships and opportunities that were created while growing the American Skillet Company brand over the past decade. The story of my beginnings as an artist creating a cast iron art piece lead to such a wild and unforgettable business journey.


My reason for making cookware stems from a deep passion to gather people to connect in profound and unique ways that elevate our experiences together. Turns out, the American Skillet Company was  the conduit to living out that dream. I can only hope that building a niche product line like the state pans, had inspired people to connect in new and fun ways that wouldn’t have otherwise happened.

I genuinely enjoy when people reach out to tell me their personal stories about how they love, use, collect and care for their own cast iron cookware. I had the opportunity to hear dozens of beautiful family stories on how a set of pans had been handed down for multiple generations and exchanged some eclectic new cast iron recipes.  The opportunity to educate folks about how cast iron cookware is made and offer tips for what to make with our wares was a big role for me as a company owner, but I’d talk shop around the science of seasoning cast iron cookware anytime, anywhere, and for hours on end, still.

Alisa cutting state shaped foundry patterns on a CNC mill at Sector67, a maker space in Madison, WI, c. 2011.

Alisa and Martha Stewart during a baking segment on her show, c. 2012

Alisa with Dave Roloff, owner of Roloff Mfg., in Kaukauna, WI, where American Skillet Co. products are cast, c. 2015

Meeting Davie Muir during his visit to Madison, WI at an aluminum pour we were doing downtown, c. 2018


The closing of American Skillet Co. is bittersweet, as anything good that ends sort of tastes. I’m looking forward to consolidating my energy from running 2 cast iron businesses into just running one that is focused more on starting new creative projects and deepening my involvement with the metal casting community and industry at large.  Some upcoming projects include casting custom waffle makers, hosting annual public iron pour events, and helping a fellow cookware brand called Stargazer Cast Iron to trailblaze a new era of craft cookware that innovates the foundry industry and achieves a new standard of excellence within cast iron cookware.

It’s a really exciting time for me, and I will always love the American Skillet Company for the vision, connection and stories created while making and using our products. Every customer’s support was such a special part of our success and it makes my heart swell with pride and happiness knowing that thousands of people have a little part of this company’s history hanging in their homes.

Stay in touch with me through FeLion Studios’ newsletter as I blaze ahead on new, fun cast iron cookware, bakeware and waffle maker projects. Thank you to everyone!  Keep on cookin’ !!

Wisconsin Grilled Cheese Championship winners with a trophy + the Wisconsin skillet as the top prize.

Chef Dave Heide and his kiddo on set at his Restaurant in between takes of “Handcrafted America”, c. 2016

Ian Garfield, owner of Ian’s Pizza in Madison, WI during a Wisconsin cast iron pizza class hosted at his Garver Feed Mill Location, c. 2019