State Shaped Skillets Currently Produced:

These are all of the state skillets that we have available so far. If you don’t see the state you love most, check out our Skillet Community page to cast your vote!

100% American Made!! Our state shaped cast iron pans are commercially manufactured in Wisconsin and pre-seasoned-labeled-and-boxed at our company headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin before they are shipped out to our retailers and customers Nationwide.

We have 8 state shaped skillets available for you to show off to all your friends: Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Oklahoma, Texas and  Wisconsin. These are just the first of many more individual states shaped skillets to come.

Want to influence which state we decide to make next?!  Vote for your favorite state to become a skillet reality on our “Skillet Community”, and your voice will be documented as a vote of interest for that state. We’ll send you insights on new product developments, pre-order offers and Holiday promo’s for any of the state skillets that you voted for and love the most.

An overview of features in our state shaped skillets:

  • Deep, smooth walls for more baking freedom & easy cleaning
  • Ergonomically placed and comfortable cast iron handles designed with sturdy elegance
  • Lighter overall design improved from the art pieces.
  • More consistent sizes from state-to-state ( between 8-10 in on every state)
  • A consistent (and lower!) retail price :}
  • Availability through online & hand-picked retail stores around the country.


Can you really use these ?
You most definitely can & should use these pretty looking pans!  Rock your state pans for tailgating, BBQ’s, thematic dinners, Weddings, party favors, brownies, cakes, breads, hot dishes, pies, quiche, and yes of course giant cookies and cheesy dips!

Do I have to season my skillet ?
Our cast irons come pre-seasoned and ready to rock-n-roll directly out of the box!  However, cast iron is a living cookware, it needs just a little ritualistic maintenance and your pan will live longer than you. See our CARE & USE page for more in depth seasoning upkeep tricks and tips.