FeLion’s Story

If you’re familiar with the state-shaped cast iron skillet idea, it’s most likely because our commercial venture started as an art piece concept that got a fair amount of attention over the years. Artist Alisa Toninato of FeLion Studios created the original limited edition hand made cast iron skillet map of 48 interlocking contiguous state titled “Made In America” completed in September 2011.


AM_FinalistBadgeThe 9ft x 6ft cast iron map first showed at the Art Prize exhibit in 2011, taking “Top 25” of nearly 1600 artists participating in the event world wide. In April 2012, the 550 # cast iron map made its first trip to New York City, where it was shown on Martha Stewart‘s last live airing show, in conjunction with the launch of her book “American Food“.  Just 6 months later, FeLion Studios and artist Alisa Toninato were honored as one of 10 creative businesses chosen to be part of Martha Stewart’s first annual American Made Awards. For the second time, the 48 state map went back to New York to be shown inside Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Station for 4 days during the celebratory event that marked a major accomplishment in the growth and development of the FeLion Studios brand.

Popularity for the hand made castings quickly became a more than full-time manufacturing gig for the young sculpture studio. Pulling together the loyalty and dedication of her follow iron-working artisans, FeLion Studios has been able to create over 200 castings for individuals all across the globe.

Through artistic motivation, positive feedback and an un-inflatable entrepreneurial spirit, the popular concept of state-shaped skillets from FeLion Studios would soon outgrow the artist’s capability to manufacture the high quality  and consistency needed to complete each state’s limited edition run of 50 castings.

This is how American Skillet Company was born. Driven to pursue a commercial enterprise with roots in the American Dream, the American Skillet Company was created by FeLion Studios’ artist / owner, out of the passion to keep producing a meaningful and unique cookware product line that stands for the things we stand for most in America :  Independence, pride, exceptional quality and the love for a diverse and socially cultural cuisine.

Learn more about the artisan process and hand-made techniques of iron casting here .  Limited edition castings on the original to-scale interlocking map of the 48 contiguous states are still being employed by FeLion Studios today. Castings come with birth certificates made out to the end recipient, which catalogues when/where and which # of the 50 limited castings your particular state skillet is in the concepts’ development.